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My Services

I will help your child find the best way to communicate their feelings, whether it is through play, art, or talking. Then, we will discover what evidence-based strategies are most helpful to combat any negative patterns. I will also help parents to understand the roots of your child’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors. This frequently leads to learning new ways to communicate within the family and identifying strategies that everyone can utilize to increase sense of connection and support. With this process, children and parents start to see changes in behaviors, and sense of self and relationships. 

I will work with you to identify evidence-based strategies to address thoughts, feelings or behaviors that may be interfering with your day to day life, relationships, and sense of self. We will also explore the roots of your emotions and experiences in order to peel back the layers to the source. Together, we will build a new path of understanding yourself and increase confidence in navigating your journey.

The Infertility Support Group will provide an environment to connect, share, learn new coping skills, and hold each other up in the dark and light of this path. Group members will find and recognize strength within themselves and connections to others. This group is for women with primary or secondary infertility who are looking to feel understood, supported and less alone.

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