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About My Specialties

Shoshana Wortman, Psy.D.

My specialty areas are somewhat diverse because I found various areas of interest as I developed over my career. First, I concentrated in child and family therapy in my graduate school studies, and continue my love for working with children and teens. I enjoy watching children feel validated by their parents and themselves, as well as learn to feel more in control of their emotional experiences. I believe that parents inherently want their children and family unit to feel good, and am happy to help act as guide towards that goal. Some of the specific areas I specialize in with children are academic stress, overall anxiety or depression, self-esteem, abuse and family unit changes, including divorce. I was honored to be voted runner-up best child therapist in Mainline Parent Magazine in 2016.

In more recent years, I developed a passion for supporting those struggling with infertility. I created a support group and also see individuals and couples who are seeking to feel less isolated and to learn tools to navigate the roller coaster of emotions typically experienced on this unique journey.  This passion is particularly close to my heart and I feel the strong importance to give those with fertility challenges a place to feel understood and supported. 


I also have ongoing interest in supporting trauma survivors, with a speciality in sexual assault and abuse. I act as a consulting clinical supervisor for a trauma service center. Other people I support are those who are working through depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, grief, and relational struggles.  I feel that the thread that connects my specialties is my desire to help people to understand themselves more, decrease a sense of isolation or being misunderstood, and increase a sense of balance.

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