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Empathic Guidance Towards Growth and Healing

Individual, Family, and Group Therapies


Shoshana Wortman, Psy.D.

I completed my doctorate in psychology from the Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology at Widener University. Both in my years of training and in the over ten years of post-graduate practice, I worked with a diverse group of clients on a multitude of factors. I believe that everyone has their own story, and therefore, deserves a tailored approach to therapy. I will support you through the process of learning how to identify and bolster your strengths, and face and work to overcome areas that you would like to change.


I truly consider it a privilege to bear witness to your journey and look forward to walking along side you on your path.


Trust is one of the most important components to child and family therapy. I work to create an environment where the child feels that they can be open to express themselves.

Whether you are currently facing adversity or wanting to address a long-term struggle, I believe in helping you to find strengths in your battle.

Having trouble trying to conceive can feel confusing, overwhelming, and isolating. The emotional journey of fertility difficulties brings a constantly changing balance between anxiety, sadness, and hope, for many.


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